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Robi prepaid package, postpaid package, robi internet and internet modem and other services

ROBI Bangladesh

ROBI Prepaid and Postpaid Call Package

Robi PrePaid Packages: 
  • Robi Prepaid
  • Robi Prothom
  • Robi Muhurto
  • Robi Shoccho
  • Robi Shasroyee
  • Robi Shorol
  • Robi Uddokta and EasyLoad Regular
  • Robi Uddokta and EasyLoad Super
:: Robi Current Package Info: To know your current use package Dial *140*14# or type P and SMS 8822 Number.

Robi Prepaid Tariff Plan:
Outgoing24 Hour
To Robi (incl. FnF & partner)0.44
To Other Operators (Incl. FnF)0.88
To BTCL (Local/NWD)0.88
60 sec from 1st minute
For ISD-15 sec pulse

Robi Prothom Tariff Plan:

Outgoing24 Hour
To Robi (incl. FnF & partner)0.44
To Other Operators (Incl. FnF)0.88
To BTCL (Local/NWD)0.88
60 sec from 1st minute
For ISD-15 sec pulse

Robi Muhurto Tariff Plan

To Robi23
To Robi partner33
To Robi partner23
To Robi FnF23
Other Operators2 3
To BTCL (Local/NWD)2 3
To International Call (ISD)ISD Charges
1 Sec Pulse from 1 min.ISD 15 sec pulse.

Robi Shoccho Tariff Plan

Outgoing 24 hours
To Robi (incl. FnF & partner ) 0.68
To Other Operators (Incl. FnF) 0.98
 To BTCL (Local/NWD) 0.98
To International (ISD)  Only ISD Charges
60 sec Pulse from 1st minute.
For ISD-15 sec pulse.

Robi Shorol Tariff Plan

Outgoing24 hours
To Robi (incl. FnF )0.88 
To Priyo (Partner) only Robi no.0.44
SMS: To Priyo (Partner)0.44
To Other Operators (Incl. FnF)0.88
To BTCL (Local/NWD)0.88
To International (ISD)  Only ISD Charges
  • 60 sec from 1st minute.
  • For ISD-15 sec pulse

  • 15% VAT applicable in all charges.
  • To add Priyo no please dial *140*5*1# 
  • To migrate to Shorol package from other package please dial *8999*3#  
Robi Prepaid Package change process:
  • Dial *8999*7#  migration Robi Club Tariff Plan.
  • Dial *8999*1#  migration Robi Prepaid SHOCCHO Tariff Plan.
  • Dial *8999*2#  migration Robi Prepaid SHASROYEE Tariff Plan.
  • Dial *8999*3#  migration Robi Prepaid SHOROL Tariff Plan.
  • Dial *8999*5#  migration Robi Prepaid MUHURTO Tariff Plan.  

Robi Prepaid PCO Tariff Plan:
Uddokta and EasyLoad Super Tariff(Best Packages In Banladesh)

Outgoing24 hours
To Robi0.65
To other Operators0.44
To BTCL (Local/NWD)0.44
To International (ISD)Only ISD Charges
60 sec from 1st minute
For ISD-15 sec pulse


Uddokta and EasyLoad Regular Tariff
Outgoing 24 Hours
To Robi0.97
TO other operator0.97
ISDISD Charge  
Pulse: 1 Sec Pulse  
For ISD 15 Sec Pulse

Robi Prepaid Uddokta Package Change Process:
  • Dial *8999*20#  migration Prepaid UDDOKTA Regular Tariff Plan.
  • Dial *8999*21#  migration Prepaid UDDOKTA Super Tariff Plan.
  • Dial *8999*20#  migration Prepaid EasyLoad Regular Tariff Plan.
  • Dial *8999*21#  migration Robi Prepaid EasyLoad Super Tariff Plan.

ROBI PostPaid Package

OutgoingTK/min(24 hOURS)
To Robi0.68
To Other Operators0.68
To BTCL (Local/NWD)0.68
SMS charge0.48
Pulse60 sec

OutgoingTK/min(24 hOURS)
To Robi1.00
To Other Operators1.00
To BTCL (Local/NWD)1.00
FNF (5 No)0.68
Partner (1 Robi No)0.25
SMS charge0.48
Pulse30 sec from 1Min

  • line rent 100/month tk, if monthly usage exceed Tk.500 or if customer subscribes unlimited GPRS.
  • Normal plan customers add up to 5 FNF Any operator include 1 BTCL Number.
  • For Simple Plan, type '68 on' and send to 8244.
  • For Normal plan, type '68 off ' and send to 8244.
  • ISD 15 sec pulse from 1st minute.



|| Robi Internet Packages:
  • Pay-Per-Use
  • 20/20 Internet Pack
  • Daily Browsing Pack
  • Volume Based Pack
  • Monthly Unlimited Internet
  • Night Browsing Plan

Peak9:01 AM to 12:59 AM 2 Paisa/KB
Off-Peak1:00 AM to 9:00 AM 1 Paisa/KB

20/20 Internet Pack
  • 20MB Internet Pack Only 20TK with 7 day validate. 
  • Dialing *8444*20#  For Active 20MB Package.
  • 7 days validity.
  • Multiple package applicable.
10/10 Internet Mini Pack :
  • Robi 10MB internet only 10Taka validity 1 Day.
  • Diai *8444*80# For Active. 

Daily Browsing Pack
  • Dial *8444*81# Active Daily Internet Package.
  • Validity 1 Day.
  • Charge At 55Taka.
  • Data Limit 200MB
  • Check your usage Data Space Dial *222*81#

Volume Package
VolumePackActive CodeCharge
1GBDial *8444*85#TK 275
3GBDial *8444*84#TK 450
5GBDial *8444*83#TK 650
  • Validity 30 days.
  • Dial *222*81# to know remaining Internet volume.

Monthly Unlimited Internet 
  • Use Unlimitede internet package At 750 Taka Validity 1 Month. 
  • Type 'A1' and send SMS 8555 Number For Active This Packagee.

Night Browsing Plan
  • This Package For Robi postpaid customers.
  • Use Unlimited Night time internet From 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM.
  • Charge BDT 275 Taka
  • Validity 1 Month
  • Type 'A2' and send SMS 8555 Number For Active this Package.
  • Type 'A2 OFF' and SMS to 8555 for deactive this package.

ROBI Internet Modem

(This Image Robi official image)
  • Robi Internet modem pack BDT 1999 Taka.
  • Modem  is E-1550
  • One prepaid SIM Include.
  • 1 GB free with this pack.
  • For data package check, dial *222*81#
Modem Features:
  • EDGE Modem 
  • Edge/GPRS/GSM 19001800/900
  • Data rate up to 3.6 Mbps
  • Micro SD Card Supports Up To 16GB .
  • Plug and Play Modem.

Robi Customer Care Info

For any information,any query,for any complaint Dial 123

Customer Support and Assistance Points: 
  • SMS to 8123 (from your Robi number)
  • Call to 01819 400400 (from any number).
  • Fax to +88 02 8832503 , +88 01819234329-01819234333
  • Email to


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