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Teletalk mobile Package, Internet Service and Packages,International Roaming and Other

TeleTalk Bangladesh

About Teletalk:
Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a public limited company, registered under the Registrar of the Joint stock companies of Bangladesh. Total shares owned by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

 Teletalk Prepaid Packages
  • Bijoy  Package
  • Shadheen66  Package
  • Shadheen  Package
  • Standard  Package
  • Shapla(Prepaid)  Package

Bijoy Package:
  • 1 second pulse.
  • 4 FnF numbers, [Teletalk numbers at only Tk. 0.25/min & Other operators at Tk. 0.65/min]

Bijoy Package Tariff/Charges:

Call Categories------------8am-12am---------------12am-8am
Teletalk to Teletalk--------2 Paisa/sec------------1.1 Paisa/sec

Teletalk to Others---------2 Paisa/sec------------1.1 Paisa/sec
Teletalk to Overseas------ISD--------------------ISD

SMS:Tk. 0.50 [Nationwide] / Tk. 2.00 [International]

Shadheen 66 Package
  • 60 Sec Pulse.
  •  4 FnF Numbers[Teletalk numbers at only Tk. 0.25/min & Other operators at Tk. 0.55/min]
  • TK 0.49 Charge for each call 1st minute


Call Categories-----------------------------------Any Time
Teletalk to Teletalk------------------------------Tk. 0.66
Teletalk to Others-------------------------------Tk. 0.66
Teletalk to Overseas-----------------------------ISD

SMS:Tk. 0.50 [Nationwide] / Tk. 2.00 [International]

 Shadheen Package
  • 1st pulse for first 30 sec and then 15 sec pulse.
  • 4 FnF numbers [2 Teletalk numbers at only Tk. 0.25/min, 2 Other operators at Tk. 0.90/min]

Call Directions-----------Peak---------Off Peak-------Super Off Peak
Tele to Tele----------Tk. 0.95---------Tk. 0.95----------Tk. 0.25
Tele to Others-------Tk. 0.95---------Tk. 1.40----------Tk. 0.95
Teletalk to Overseas----ISD-------------ISD--------------ISD

SMS:Tk. 0.50 [Nationwide] / Tk. 2.00 [International]

Standard Package
  • 1st minute 30 sec pulse and then 15 sec pulse.
  • 3 FNF [Teletalk Tk. 0.75/min and other operators Tk. 1.25/min].

Call Directions---------Peak [8am-12am]-----Off Peak [12am-8am]
Teletalk to Teletalk-----------Tk. 1.40-------------------Tk. 0.60
Teletalk to Others------------Tk. 1.90-------------------Tk. 1.00
Teletalk to Overseas----------ISD------------------------ISD

SMS:Tk. 0.50 [Nationwide] / Tk. 2.00 [International]

:: Shapla (Prepaid) Package: 

:: 1st minute 30 sec pulse and 15 sec pulse from the second minute onwards.
:: Connection : Tk. 599.00 with initial talk time Tk. 20
:: 1 Sec pulse
:: No security deposit
:: Minimum monthly bill Tk. 500, It will be waived if no use in full month (Billing Cycle)
:: Monthly uses less then Tk. 500, The tariff will be charged Tk. 0.90/min (1 Sec pulse)
:: Monthly uses of Tk. 500 and above, The tariff will be charged Tk. 0.75/min (1 Sec pulse)
:: Migration from postpaid to prepaid, postpaid deposit will be added as prepaid talktime

Call Directions----------------------------------------{Any Time]
Teletalk to Teletalk--------------------------------------Tk. 0.90
Teletalk to Others---------------------------------------Tk. 0.90
Teletalk to Overseas-------------------------------------ISD

SMS:Tk. 0.50 [Nationwide] / Tk. 2.00 [International]

FnF Activation Procedure: 

Teletalk to Teletalk:
Write ADD 0155XXXXXXX 0155XXXXXXX 0155XXXXXXX and send SMS to 363
Teletalk to other operator:
Write ADD 0155XXXXXXX 0721XXXXXX 017XXXXXXXX and send SMS to 363

FnF for Shadheen:
Write ADD 0155XXXXXXX 0155XXXXXXX 02XXXXXXX 017XXXXXXX and send SMS to 363.

Delete & Check FnF.
To delete FnF, Write DEL and send SMS to 363. For checking your FnF, Write SEE and send SMS to 363.

Change FnF.
You may change your FnF numbers after 7 days form activation. Changing procedure is same as new FnF activation.

Migration procedure:
  •  To Migrate from Other Prepaid to Bijoy, Write "bij" and send SMS to 555.
  • To Migrate from Standard Prepaid to Shadheen, Write "sha" and send SMS to 555.
  • To Migrate from Standard Prepaid to Shadheen66, Write "66" and send SMS to 555.
  • To Migrate from Shadheen to Shadheen66, Write "66" and send SMS to 555.
  • To Migrate from Shadheen to PCO, Write "pco" and send SMS to 555.
  • To Migrate from Shadheen to Standard Prepaid, Write "nor" and send SMS to 555.
  • To Migrate from Shadheen66 to Shadheen, Write "sha" and send SMS to 555.
  • To Migrate from Shadheen66 to Standard Prepaid, Write "nor" and send SMS to 555.
  • To Migrate from Shadheen66 to PCO, Write "pco" and send SMS to 555.
  • To Migrate from Corporate to Shadheen66, Write "66" and send SMS to 555.

Incoming Bonus Facility:
  • Only Shadheen and Shadheen66 user can enjoy Incoming Bonus facility.
  • To register for incoming Bonus, write "reg" and send to 2080. 

Recharge Card:
Dial *151*13 digit PIN #

Balance Check:
Dial *152# to view balance

 Teletalk Internet Package and Service 

A new addition in Teletalk services. We are happy to announce that, you can now use the full GPRS connectivity with your Teletalk connection.

Configuring your mobile handset for using GPRS: 

Service Type---------------------APN-------------IP----------Port (optional)
No Use No Pay-------------------wap--------
Monthly/Daily Unlimited--------gprsunl-------

Charges and Rates of using GPRS service:

      Service Type--------------------------------------Charges in BDT
No Use No Pay----------------------------------------0.02/KB + VAT
No Use No Pay----------------------------[Shadheen66 Package] 0.016/KB + VAT
Monthly Unlimited-------------------------------------800.00 + VAT
Monthly Unlimited-------------------------[Shadheen66 Package] 666.00 + VAT
Daily Unlimited----------------------------------------50.00 + VAT

Help line:
1234 [Charge applicable]
02 988 2585 ext - 333 [Charge applicable]


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  3. i migrated to shadeen 66.but i can't activate my fnf numbers.when i try it says my family number function is not can i activate this

  4. type reg and send sms to 363

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