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Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Buy a Prepaid Phone in Europe

North American mobile phones function on networks that contain different frequencies from the networks in Europe. All mobile phones in Europe operate on the frequency bands of 900 and 1,800, whereas North American networks have frequency bands of 850 and 1,900. When you travel to Europe, you may want to buy a prepaid phone if your mobile phone does not carry European frequencies or if you want to avoid accruing high roaming fees with your current carrier. As a traveler, you have several different options in regard to using a phone in Europe. You can rent or purchase a prepaid phone in Europe or use a European SIM card in an unlocked mobile phone. Continue reading to learn about your options if you need to buy a prepaid phone in Europe.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

APK FILES HF Scientific Calculator Pro Apk Full 5.3 ~ Free Download, Download HF Scientific Calculator apk file

HF Scientific Calculator Pro v5.3 apk download

An advanced Scientific Calculator with Graph Plotter
This is a fully featured calculator which supports matrix, complex numbers and equation solver.

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* No ads
* Large input/output display
* Dedicated Graph Plotter
* Advanced Unit Converter
* Complex number
* Full Matrix Support upto order of 9x9
* Simultaneous linear equation solver upto 9 variables
* Polynomial equation solver - gives both real and complex soln.
* Landscape Mode
* Calculation History
* All Trigonometric operations
* Degree, Radian, Grade
* Binary, Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal operation
* Bitwise operations
* Ten memory locations
* Results history feature
* Constants Table
* In built help (accessible via options menu)

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Note: Download open in a new link.