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Thursday, June 2, 2011

robi balance transfer service

robi balance transfer service

Balance Transfer:

  • Send SMS to 1212018XXXXXXXX (where 018XXXXXXXX is the balance recipient’s number).
  • Then also get a PIN code after successful transfer. Please use the PIN for future transactions.
  • Disable the PIN, SMSoff < Your PIN> to 1210.

To request for balance:

  • Need to have only 58 Paisa in your account to request.
  • Just type the request amount (for example, 25) a text message body and send SMS to 1211018YYYYYYYY (The balance donor’s number).

For Doner:
Accept the request, reply the SMS with Y
Discard the request, reply the SMS with N
Block the requestor, reply the SMS with B

BDT 2 (+VAT) to transfer
BDT 2 (+VAT) will deducted from the transferred amount.


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